JB BAHN  v.3.86.1

JB BAHN is a program for the simulation of train systems. It's predecessor was made for streetcar nets only, but today you can built railway lines, too. If you are interested in Model Railroading, but you don't have a Layout, then BAHN can help.


You can let a train ride on all of the more than 100 track modules. This is convenient to check, if all pieces of the railroad are correctly connected.

BAHN  v.3 85

BAHN is a simulation of large rail networks (High speed service Germany, Metro Paris or London or larger). You can choose from over 9000 different rail vehicles from the world.

Win-HaBu  v.10.6.1

Win-HaBu is an easy-to-use accounting software with an integrated Invoice module, help you easily manage all accounting - related tasks for your incomes and expenses.This software address the following users: 1. Freelancer 2. Small to middle

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